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I hate tidewater they added insurance to my loan when I had insurance it brought my note 468 to 576 how can they do this I hate them they are rude it took them two weeks to say why my Carnote went up and they hung up on me and it seems like nothing but bitter women work there. They hang up on you when you are to understand your loan instead of being patient.i want out of this loan

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This is the worst and i mean worst place to do business. No understand about how to do business. Customer service personal sucks. There talk to you any type of way and are never helpful. They lie and no one says the same thing. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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We called to get a deferred payment they said we qualified than they said we didnt we had to show proof of bills that we had bills that caused us to get delayed spent 20.00 to fax those in than didn't hear from them called them several times to get they will call u back never did finally 2 weeks later talked to someone who said they miss told us we need to send proof of paid bills now to even get a yes or no answer to a deferred payment after... Read more

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First due to lack of credit history, I was directed toward Tidewater from dealership. In speaking with both the dealer and Tidewater I was assured that high interest payments would only occur for no more then a year, then refinance and lower rate. Also told that I could choose private financing at this time versus refinance with them. So unfortunately I went ahead with the loan and after one year of paying 547.00 for a 2015 Nissan Sentra this... Read more

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This company continues to change their PH # and website for payment trying to make it impossible for you to make timely payments or get any info. DO NOT USE THEM IF if they are you last hope. I do not allow it to happen to me. Thank fully my car was totaled in an accident and I'm now free from this finance company. Look at all the reviews. So folks were not smart enough to keep trying and let their loans default. YOU are the one that will be... Read more

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This is a awful company. They take advantage of people that are struggling. RUN if you go to a dealership and they say tidewater run. Bought a 16,000 car 2 years ago and still owe 14500.

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My car was repossessed by Tidewater, they resold the car and got $8,000 for the car. I set up a payment arrangements with them to pay what I could afford on the balance due which is was around $10,000 after they resold it. I have in writing from them the agreed payment arrangement between them and me. Not even a year into the payment arrangement they started harassing me to pay more and I told them I can't. Now they're calling my employer and... Read more

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My car was totalled. Insurance paid out most of the vehicle and Gap was covering the rest since I still owed more on the loan. I called my gap company to see why the check was approx $900 under paid, and they told me they paid out the full remaining balance that should be due on my account. They told me that they should not be that far off considering I have never missed a payment, and even if I had, they cover up to 2 missed payments. They told... Read more

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I have been trying to reach this company by phone and/or e-mail for two days to let them know my payment would be late. Guess it won't matter since it appears they will be nasty about it. But, in reading these reviews, they seem to answer a number of questions why it is taking so long to pay off the loan, why I can't get a human to answer the phone (actually, my calls do not even go through), why I never receive an actual accrual/itemized... Read more

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Or is the worst finance company ever! They have the rudest customer service agents. She ate full, mean and if you are not sweet to them on the phone while giving them your money, they will hang up on you. Lovely, just lovely. Can't wait to pay off my car and get away from those ***. Read more

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